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It’s been a warm December, hasn’t it? At least for most of the U.S., temperatures have been balmier than usual, particularly coming off of a frigid November. But you can’t blame it on El Nino quite yet. While predictions were good for another El Nino year, conditions simply haven’t panned […]

El Niño

Two weeks ago, back when it still felt like real winter, I was out for a run along the Lakeshore Path. There was a noticeable film of thin ice creeping from shore and plates of frozen water clanging together in the rolling chop. But that sound was soon drowned out by […]

The return of the tundra swan

The premiere of a bio-pic on Waclaw Szybalski will be screened this evening at Union South. Szybalski, a geneticist who started his career helping to grow lice for a vaccine in occupied Poland during World War II, finished it with a 54-year run at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Szybalski, a legend […]

Film profiles star UW scientist

By Dave Tenenbaum | 608-265-8549 | When you buy a replacement alternator for your ’88 Toyota Corolla, it’s easy enough to see the new part. The same cannot always be said for the replacement cells that are being tested for healing or replacing diseased tissue. These cells, derived from various kinds […]

Keeping track: Stem cell spare-parts inventory needed