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IceCube, the cubic kilometer, sub-polar detector that in 2013 gathered the first-ever evidence of cosmic neutrinos, is the star of particle astrophysics at the South Pole. Soon, however, a complementary detector known as the Askaryan Radio Array or ARA will join the hunt for the highest energy neutrinos. Like IceCube, […]

Video: New polar neutrino detector on the way

Venus, Mars and a slight crescent moon gather together in the sky on February 20, 2015.
He’s on a roll! Another guest post – on Lunar New Year! – from Jim Lattis, director of UW Space Place and a faculty associate in the Department of Astronomy: Crescent Moon, Gibbous Venus, Dim Mars Should the sky cooperate this weekend, look for some interesting groupings of the very young […]

Catch a lunar love and war triangle

A row of dairy cows in a barn at UW-Madison 2
It’s a serious problem. One that costs the U.S. dairy industry roughly $150 million annually, and the typical Wisconsin dairy farm about $12,000 a year. But a prescription for more cowbell is not enough to break this fever: milk fever. Especially prevalent in the early stages of lactation, milk fever is the result of dangerously […]

Milk fever, and more cowbell won’t do

  As we thought about the 206th birthday of Charles Darwin, celebrated this week at UW-Madison, we thought of two giants of genetic research who were on campus for more than 120 years, combined.  James F. (Jim) Crow, 1916-2012 We interviewed Jim Crow in 2009, in his ninth office at UW-Madison, when […]

Evolution’s pillars: Two titans of genetics