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Marsha Mailick, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
Marsha Mailick has been selected Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education at UW-Madison, after filling in as interim vice chancellor since September 1, 2014. The position was created after the Faculty Senate voted to restructure the Graduate School, splitting the university research enterprise into the Graduate School and the Office of the Vice […]

A Q&A with Marsha Mailick

Picture of painting by E. coli bacteria. 1
In science, researchers extract information – data – with the help of model organisms like E. coli and zebrafish. That data might inform cancer research or new ways to help control antibiotic resistant pathogens. But for Angela Johnson, a UW-Madison master of fine arts candidate, model organisms offer something else: […]

Mining science for the sake of art

Bees in a colony on the UW-Madison campus
In a tweet today from Claudio Gratton’s lab, the world was introduced to the entomology lab’s bee colony, live. Does watching those worker bees busy busy busy make you feel slightly guilty for watching? Productivity is not just for the bees. In case these honey-makers aren’t your thing, check out […]

B-B-B-B-Bees!! And other livestreams

As gross as it may be, many of us have a hard time not picking a scab. We get a wound, it bleeds, and then seemingly like magic, it closes up and an oft irresistible crusty protective cap forms. With this, you’re familiar, but you probably haven’t given much thought […]

“A mad orgy of fusion”*