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A mosquito feeds on the hand of Susan Paskewitz, a University of Wisconsin-Madison entomology professor.
On Tuesday, 23 June 2015, Public Health Madison Dane County (PHMDC) reported a bird in Dane County had tested positive for West Nile virus. The virus, which can sicken people, is often transmitted by mosquitoes to birds, humans, horses and other animals, including domestic and wild dogs, chickens, llamas and even alligators. Susan […]

All you ever wanted to know about West Nile virus

In multiple myeloma, there are too many snipers - or plasma cells - and because they are diseased, they make and shoot too many bullets
Recently, UW-Madison researchers studied tumors from a patient with multiple myeloma to develop a new and promising approach to better understand the genetics of cancer. UW-Madison professor and lead researcher on the study, David C. Schwartz, described it as the “Google Maps” for the cancer genome because it allows scientists to zoom in […]

Multiple myeloma, a cancer of snipers and bullets

Mastodon skull on cart
Many of Wisconsin’s most charismatic fossils are of Ice Age megafauna. The Boaz mastodon is Exhibit A. On display at the UW-Madison Geology Museum since 1915, the elephant like mastodon was recently discovered to be a composite of fossil material collected not only at Boaz, a sleepy town just off […]

A Legacy of Pleistocene Megafauna

Late last week, a well-known science writer and scientist revealed he’d duped the science communication community (and in effect, the public, too) by publishing a terribly conducted study in an illegitimate, pay-to-play scientific journal on the health benefits of consuming chocolate. John Bohannon, the “Gonzo scientist” as he likes to call […]

Chocolate, for better or for worse