David Tenenbaum

When Trish O’Kane assigned students in What does the fox say? Sustainability from a non-human perspective to spend 30 minutes a day at a chosen spot on the UW-Madison campus, nobody expected this to happen! More: Students provide feedback and lessons learned for campus master plan

Assignment: Life in the woods

  As we thought about the 206th birthday of Charles Darwin, celebrated this week at UW-Madison, we thought of two giants of genetic research who were on campus for more than 120 years, combined.  James F. (Jim) Crow, 1916-2012 We interviewed Jim Crow in 2009, in his ninth office at UW-Madison, when […]

Evolution’s pillars: Two titans of genetics

By Dave Tenenbaum | 608-265-8549 | djtenenb@wisc.edu When you buy a replacement alternator for your ’88 Toyota Corolla, it’s easy enough to see the new part. The same cannot always be said for the replacement cells that are being tested for healing or replacing diseased tissue. These cells, derived from various kinds […]

Keeping track: Stem cell spare-parts inventory needed