Atmospheric science

A line of clouds ahead of a cold front appears in a satellite image over the Midwest
The UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center has long been a pioneer in the science (and art) of satellite imaging. SSEC is actually celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. One of their satellite images caught our eye today. The meteorological GOES-East satellite (one of the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites) shows the Midwest’s current bout of warm […]

Watch a cold front push November’s warmth out

Bees in a colony on the UW-Madison campus
In a tweet today from Claudio Gratton’s lab, the world was introduced to the entomology lab’s bee colony, live. Does watching those worker bees busy busy busy make you feel slightly guilty for watching? Productivity is not just for the bees. In case these honey-makers aren’t your thing, check out […]

B-B-B-B-Bees!! And other livestreams

A blanket of glittery snow
There are those days. The ones where you walk out your front door and the crystal chandelier has fallen from the sky, illuminating the white world around you with a trillion shining glimmers of light. Meteorologists call this phenomenon snow sparkle, for reasons that are simple enough to understand.

Just look at that snow sparkle

It’s been a warm December, hasn’t it? At least for most of the U.S., temperatures have been balmier than usual, particularly coming off of a frigid November. But you can’t blame it on El Nino quite yet. While predictions were good for another El Nino year, conditions simply haven’t panned […]

El Niño