An abstract image shows a DNA double helix overlaying a human outline, with cartoon molecules depicting the different genetic and protein changes that may be causing disease
Precision medicine has become a fairly big buzzword in cancer treatment lately. The University of Wisconsin is planning the UW Center for Human Genomics and Precision Medicine, and the Wisconsin state government’s recently-passed budget includes funding for the UW Carbone Cancer Center’s statewide Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Board. What is […]

What is precision medicine in cancer treatment?

Last year, Sean Carroll said it was a story that had never been put together in one place; the story of “how our bodies have modified over the years from our fishy ancestors,” said the Allan Wilson Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at UW-Madison. Now, that story, condensed into a […]

Your Inner Fish wins an Emmy

In multiple myeloma, there are too many snipers - or plasma cells - and because they are diseased, they make and shoot too many bullets
Recently, UW-Madison researchers studied tumors from a patient with multiple myeloma to develop a new and promising approach to better understand the genetics of cancer. UW-Madison professor and lead researcher on the study, David C. Schwartz, described it as the “Google Maps” for the cancer genome because it allows scientists to zoom in […]

Multiple myeloma, a cancer of snipers and bullets

Picture of painting by E. coli bacteria. 1
In science, researchers extract information – data – with the help of model organisms like E. coli and zebrafish. That data might inform cancer research or new ways to help control antibiotic resistant pathogens. But for Angela Johnson, a UW-Madison master of fine arts candidate, model organisms offer something else: […]

Mining science for the sake of art

  As we thought about the 206th birthday of Charles Darwin, celebrated this week at UW-Madison, we thought of two giants of genetic research who were on campus for more than 120 years, combined.  James F. (Jim) Crow, 1916-2012 We interviewed Jim Crow in 2009, in his ninth office at UW-Madison, when […]

Evolution’s pillars: Two titans of genetics