Two cyclists on Madison's Capital City Loop, November 2016
This post comes courtesy of Jenny Seifert, science writer and outreach coordinator for the Water Sustainability and Climate Project at UW–Madison. A version of this story first appeared last month on WSC’s blog, Yahara in situ: Staying cool may not be a concern to Madisonians at this time of the year, […]

Biking, for science

A great horned owl sits on the branch of a tree at UW-Madison 3
There is a lot of wildlife on the UW-Madison campus. Take a walk through Muir Woods, the Biocore Prairie, along Picnic Point and the shores of Lake Mendota, and you will not want for sightings of birds, bugs (the butterflies are back!), and even foxes and coyotes. Take the subject of […]

wHoooo does this owl think it is?